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Institute’s Academic Department members:


Mohammad Jaradat-Hadi

Professor, rector of Bogdan-Vodă University in Cluj-Napoca

Professor Mohammad Jaradat, Jordanian and Romanian citizen, is specialized in medicine, as well as in economics, with 2 doctoral theses, in medicine and cybernetics and economic statistics.

He teaches management at the Faculty of Economics of Bogdan-Vodă University and coordinates license, dissertation and doctoral theses in management at Bogdan-Vodă University and Valahia University of Târgovişte.

He was granted the Doctor Honoris Causa title by the Medical University of Taipei in 2011 and was named the Professor of the Year by the Association of the Faculties of Economics in Romania.

Professor Jaradat published 74 scientific articles and studies, 15 books and books chapters, carried 6 research-development-innovation projects.



Muhammad Shakil Ahmad

Assistant Professor, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Department of  Management Sciences, Attock, Punjab, Pakistan

With degrees, BS and MS, in Information Technology and General Management ( COMSATS Institute of IT, Pakistan), and a PhD in Management (Technology University, Malaysia), Mr. Ahmad’s research is focused on:

Human Resource Management and Marketing

Community Development and Community Organizing

Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Field Studies and Action Research

Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Private Partnership

Socio-Ecological system and Regional Development

Concerned about community issues, Mr. Ahmad’s PhD dissertation title is Community Empowerment for sustainability of Community Driven Projects and is expert in designing and implementation of trainings in local governance, community development and social mobilisation including community capacity building and community empowerment

As a scholar, he is refered author in 39 publications in 24 renowned international journals, 7 publications in conferences held in Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines as well as in one book chapter, published in the U.S.A.

Editor of the Academic Journal of Management

Mr. Ahmad is member of the Community of Inquiry Framework, University of Calgary, Canada and Associate Regional Director at International Institute of Marketing Professionals, Canada for Pakistan

He was the organizer and chair of two international conferences on business and management held in Pakistan and Malaysia

Winner of the Young Scholar Award by American Society of Public Administration.



Radu Danciu

Associate professor, dean of the Faculty of Economics Cluj-Napoca of ”Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University of Bucharest; expert accountant, member of CECCAR (Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania) and ARACIS (The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) evaluator

Accounting specialist by profession , Radu Danciu helds both managerial (as a dean) and educational activities in the Faculty of Economics, as well as professional activities in collaboration with the business organisations.

Regarding educational activities, Radu Danciu teaches: Accounting Basics, Financial Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Computerized Accounting System, Preparation and audit of annual financial statements, International Financial Reporting Standards, Expertise and accounting ethics.

Mr. Danciu’s doctoral thesis Sisteme contabile informatizate ale agenţilor economici din industrie (Computerized accounting systems of economic agents from industry) is the theoretical foundation of data and financial-accounting information management in computerized environments.

He also created his own computerized financial-accounting system - Evicont v. 4.0

Radu Danciu uses more than 30 integrated management systems, also described in his volume: Sisteme contabile informatizate (Computerized accounting systems)

As a specialist, he worked in companies from the banking system to energy and software industries and nowadays collaborates with business organisations from various fields.


Victor V. Vizauer

Ph.D., Scientific Researcher III  at  The Institute of History “George Bariţiu” of  Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca Branch

Dr. Victor V. Vizauer is specialised in  Medieval History of Transylvania (IX-XIV centuries), having as  field of interest the everyday life expressed primarily through habitat and onomastics (anthroponymy and toponymy).

He has a doctorate in History at the "Babeş-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca.

In these areas he has published 2 author books - Aşezări şi locuinţe medievale timpurii în Transilvania (sec. VI/VII-IX/X), Editura Argonaut, Cluj-Napoca, 2008 (Early medieval settlements and homes in Transylvania ( VI / VII-IX / X centuries), Argonaut Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2008) and  Homo locum ornet... O introducere în antropotoponimia din Transilvania secolelor XII-XIV, Editura Mega, Cluj-Napoca, 2012 (Homo locum Ornet ... An introduction to the anthropo-toponymy in the XII-XIV centuries Transylvania, Mega Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2012) – and one book in collaboration: Şerban Turcuş, Adinel Dincă, Mihai Hasan, Victor Vizauer, Antroponimia în Transilvania medievală (secolele XI-XIV). Evaluare statistică, evoluţie, semnificaţii, Vol. I-II, Editura Mega, Cluj-Napoca, 2011 (Anthroponymy in medieval Transylvania (XI-XIV centuries). Statistical evaluation, evolution, significations, Vol. I-II, Mega Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2011). The latter received the "Eudoxiu Hurmuzaki" award of the Romanian Academy in 2013.

Regarding professional experience, Dr. Victor V. Vizauer served as curator-archaeologist (in Maramureș county, a multicultural area full of traditions), librarian and researcher.


Working with people gave him determination that, in parallel with scientific concerns, to turn his attention to personal and community development and welfare by collaborating with the  "Delphy" Institute for Human and Community Development in Cluj-Napoca and publishing 2 inspirational books - Victor, Viaţa îi dăunează grav sănătăţii! A sosit timpul schimbării: pentru o viaţă nouă, pentru o lume nouă, Editura For You, Bucureşti, 2013 (Life seriously harms health! It's time for change: for a new life, for a new world, For You Publishing House, Bucharest, 2013)  and Copacul fericirii, Editura Enmar, Bucureşti, 2015 (The tree of happiness, Enmar Publishing House, Bucharest, 2015).



Carmen Georgiana Bonaci

Associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca

Carmen Bonaci conducts educational and scientific research activities in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

She is specialized, very passionate as well as with practical experience within private companies in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Audit, Econometrics.

Ms. Bonaci academic activity is developed internationally. She contributed to more than 20 national and international events, organizations and publications in Romania, United Kingdom, Italy, U.S.A., Czech Republic, Italy, Australia, and attended more than 35 international conferences held in Romania, Sweden, U.S.A, Turkey, U.K., Czech Republic, Italy, Greece,Slovenia.

She was also involved in international collaborations with the Czech Republic universities from Prague and Zlin, through research internship, postdoctoral mobility, Erasmus teaching mobility and as an invited lecture.

Ms. Bonaci was part of more than 9 contract based reserch projects and European funded projects and co-author in more than 20 publications.



Judit Bartalis-Ban

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Letters, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Babeş-Bolyai University; director of the Russian Cultural Centre


Ioana Diaconu Mureşan

Ioana Diaconu Mureşan is a translator and conference interpreter, graduate of the Faculty of Letters of Babeş-Bolyai University, Department of Applied Modern Languages.

Since 2007 she has been teaching Polish to the Polish Language and Cultural Centre of Babeş-Bolyai, developing and coordinating various events meant to bring Romania closer to Poland.

Mrs. Diaconu-Mureşan adores teaching Polish as every university year she has great students, motivated and hard-working, with whom is a pleasure to work, and events organized for them and with them are always a success.

She likes reading and translating Polish literature and since she became a mother, is particularly preoccupied with the educational sector.

Ioana Diaconu Mureşan is interested in the multiculturalism of Cluj and supports the projects aimed at creating synergies among all communities and cultural centers in the city.



Margareta Aslan

Associate professor, specialist in Turkology and Oriental studies at the Institute of Turkology and Central Asian Studies,”Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca.

PhD in History since 2010, graduate of the Doctoral School ”History, Civilisation and Culture”, at the same university, with the thesis "Atitudini civice şi imaginea Imperiului Otoman în societatea transilvăneană, în perioada Principatului (1541-1688)' (“Civic attitudes and the image of the Ottoman Empire in the Transylvanian society,in the Principality period (1541-1688)”)

Since 2015, Ms. Aslan has been following a PhD on "The European Union, Turkey and the migration problem" in the Doctoral School "International Relations and Security Studies" ,Babeş-Bolyai University

Regarding the educational activities, Margareta Aslan teaches courses of Turkish language, History (Imagological reflections in the Romanian manuscripts: Turks; Europe and Migrations history; Balkans in international relations in the XX-XXI centuries)

Executive secretary of the Institute of Turkology and Central Asian Studies and secretary of the Doctoral School "International Relations and Security Studies"

She participated in over 20 international conferences organized abroad (Turkey, Turkmenistan, Crimea, Tatarstan, etc.), 10 international conferences organized in Romania, 12 national conferences.

Ms. Aslan is refered author in over 25 publications (articles, studies, reviews, book chapters) in scientific volumes, conference volumes, national and international journals

She made bilingual Turkish-Romanian interpretation in over 15 scientific events: speeches, university courses, official visits, specialized conferences.

Member of the external body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences ,as well as of ”Ion Cornea” Association of Geopolitics in Bucharest

Member of the editorial committe of yearbook Studia et Documenta Turcologica and of GeoPolitica journal


Maria Bote

PhD, specialist in Medicine and Letters; president of Asociația Română pentru Integrarea Studeților Străini –ARISS (Romanian Association for the Foreign Students’ integration)

Maria Bote graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Babeș-Bolyai University, Romanian-French section at bachelor’s level and holds a master’s degree in the Compared literature field, History of images, history of ideas program.

She is currently pursuing a PhD program with a thesis in Transcultural languages – Forms of manifestations and an activity consisting of articles, studies and participation in symposia approaching the themes of transdisciplinarity, transculturality.

Maria Bote  also has teaching practical and certified experience in Romanian and French languages.

As a president of ARISS, Ms. Bote developed projects in collaboration with the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Students Cultural House, the Intercultural Institute from Timișoara, “Octavian Goga” Cluj County Library, County Department of Population Records Cluj.

In ARISS, Maria Bote is actively involved in the development and implementation of specific intercultural projects and  training programs including: local and national symposia for integrating immigrants from European Union third countries; creation and implementation of Romanian language courses curriculum for foreign students; intermediation and socio-cultural integration of foreigners activities; she works as Romanian language teacher trainer for foreign students.

Ms. Maria Bote is currently graduating from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca, General Medicine section with a diploma thesis in oncologic surgery.



Graţian Cormoş

Editor of the international journal ”The Scientific Journal of Humanistic Studies” included in the EBSCO international database www.ebscohost.com


Specialized in Journalism, Graţian Cormoş is the author of more than 1,000 reviews, interviews, reports and studies published in renown Romanian newspapers, cultural and scientific journals

He published as a unique author or coordinator 9 books and edited other two. His first book, ”Femei în infernul concentraţionar în România (1945-1989)”(”Romanian women in communist prisons (1945-1989)” from 2006 won the national debut contest of Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă Publishing House and was reccommended by the National Union of the Writers in Romania, Cluj section

Graţian Cormoş participated, along with the Faculty of Letters of University of Oradea, in the European Grant European values of the Romanian literature with the study : ”Edgar Papu's contribution to the reintegration of Romanian culture in Europe in the period 1965-1971”.



Ovidiu Bogdan, expert accountant and Accounting teacher at “Iulian Pop” Economic College (high-school)


Răducu Ruşeţ

Research assistant at the Faculty of History and Philosophy at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca.

PhD candidate in the Faculty of History and Philosophy, History. Civilisation. Culture Doctoral school , with the theme: ”Editorial  com  com  mittees  and editorial policies in the Romanian press in Transylvania and Hungary. Romanian journalistic intelligentsia in the years

1838-1918"  (since 2013)

MINERVA Fellow of the Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca in 2014-2015.

Master’s degree in History and Social Anthropology of the Modern Era, at the Faculty of History and . Philosophy, Babeş-Bolyai            University (2013)

Bachelor’s degree in History, Faculty of History and Philosophy, Babeş-Bolyai University (2008).


Cristian Opriş

PhD candidate in the Faculty of Theology and Religions, Lugano, Switzerland.

Member of the Institute of Theology and Philosophy of Religions, Lugano, Switzerland

Master’s degree in Bioethics – morality, ethics and deontology at the Faculty of Theology, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Bachelor’s degree in Letters, Modern Applied Languages Department, Italian-Romanian section, Faculty of Letters, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Bachelor’s degree in Theology, Didactic Theology section, Faculty of Theology, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca.



Marina Ferenț, MSc.

Researcher in Labour Economics at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Data Scientist/Financial Engineer/Head of Research  at Orpheus Risk Management Indices and Tralio

Since 2014, author of one book, 6 articles (3 published and 3 to be published) in BDI indexed national and international journals, 2 work in progress articles and 2 articles presented in 2 international conferencs held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Prague, Czech Republic

Research interests: Labour and Health Economics, Capital Markets



Alexandra – Anca Purcel, MSc.

Data Scientist/Econometrician at Orpheus Indices and Tralio

(April 2016 – Present)

Junior Associate at Romanian Economic Institute

(March 2015 – March 2016)

Participant at Europe & Liberty Seminar, Gummersbach, Germany, 19th – 26th Jully, 2015

Passionate about economics, econometrics and statistics – graduated from Babeș–Bolyai University, BSc in economics and currently pursuing an MSc in Econometrics and Applied Statistics


She pursued her passion in economics/econometrics through participating in multiple workshops and conferences in economics, with a keen interest in macro- and environmental economics.