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Other programs we have in store for community’s progress include:

Mentoring programs provided by entrepreneurs, managers, specialists in an informal environment for new and advanced professionals in different fields.

In today's highly competitive world, having a mentor can mean the difference between success and failure. Mentoring can help to secure a successful outcome either by seeking advice on common problems, comming up with a new concept or when trying to understand and apply new ideas. A mentor can guide the pupil along the road, answer any question that may come up and ensure a steady road towards the future. As such, the mentee can gain tremenduous experience followed by the confidence neccesary to pursue any arising opportunities.

We give you the opportunity to join our mentoring programs and (re)discover or adjust your career path with the help from one of our highly advanced professionals with multicultural expertize.

Qualification and professional development/enhancement programs, provided to youth, as well as to elder social-categories;

Programs for dissemination of news and scientific progress in economics and all related fields: conferences, symposia, media programs and other public manifestations;

Intercultural integrative activities

Our wish is to bring people together under one multicultural sky in order to learn from one another and celebrate this worlds' diversity. We offer you the opportunity to meet new people from a wide spectrum of nationalities through our activities: from leisure activities (e.g. field trips, camps and visits to our countries’ landmarks, informal thematic evenings, etc.) to galas, dinner parties, cultural-artistic manifestations specific to one or more cultures.



Community Programs