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BISMUN 2016-Bucharest International Student Model United Nations

From 23 to 28 of March 2016, our colleague in the managerial team, Oana Cristorean, participated in the 8th edition of the BISMUN (Bucharest International Student Model United Nations) Conference, which took place at the Palace of Parliament and brought together over 200 participants from Europe and countries all over the world.

A MUN (Model United Nations) , like BISMUN 2016, consists of simulations of the United Nations committees. Since the first MUN held in 1952 at Harvard University, they became recognized important debates forum in prestigious universities around the world and attracts a growing number of students.

The general theme of the 2016’s BISMUN was United Against Terrorism-Reaching Global Consensus, given the present times when the entire world faces the threat of terrorism , directly or indirectly. The participants of each of the 7 committees discussed and confronted with topics regarding terrorism in all of its forms.

Just like in the real United Nations committees, Oana played the role of the official delegate of the Lebanese Republic in the Committee on Disarmament and International Security (DISEC), thus representing the policies, interests and objectives of this state.

In the BISMUN 2016 Conference, 3 important Romanian career diplomats held speeches:

Professor Dr. Bogdan Aurescu, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania

Mr. Sebastian Huluban, Presidential Advisor on Security Issues

Daniela Grigore Gîtman, State Secretary for Global Affairs

The BISMUN 2016 Secretariat as well as the chair persons of all the committees were foreign undergraduates and graduates from Greece, African countries, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, specialized in fields like International Relations, Politics, Law, History International Business in universities from Greece, U.K., Russsia, Spain, France, Canada, Romania.

BISMUN 2016 was organized by the United Nations Youth Association of Romania in collaboration with the Romanian Senate, having as partners the United Nations System in Romania, Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Magna Cum Laude - Reut Foundation, International Organization for Migration, Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History, University of Bucharest, Bucharest Town Hall, National School of Political Science and Public Administration, The Academy of Economic Studies Students’ Union, Romanian Youth Forum