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Academic research project - Transcultural languages. Forms of manifestations


Multicultural Business Institute supports research and educational project Transcultural languages. Forms of manifestations conducted by Maria Bote - PhD student in the Faculty of Letters of Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, also founder-president of Asociația Română pentru Integrarea Studeților Străini – ARISS (Romanian Association for the Foreign Students’ Integration) and future graduate of the Faculty of Medicine.


The doctoral thesis,  supervised  by Professor Mircea Muthu, PhD., former dean of the mentioned Faculty of Letters, aims to find forms of language acting as a bridge between cultures, mentalities, manifestations of the spirit, in the context of a cross-cultural, globalized world where human capital  has to be educated in the values of tolerance, mutual respect as well as intercultural, interreligious, interdisciplinary dialogue.

For more information on the project and the author, we invite you to read the attached document.


Descarca fisier (Doctorat-Limbaje transculturale.pdf)Doctorat-Limbaje transculturale.pdf 599 Kb
Descarca fisier (MBI-Transcultural languages research.pdf)MBI-Transcultural languages research.pdf 606 Kb