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Workshop on clustering

On October 28, 2016, Multicultural Business Institute attended the workshop on clustering organized and moderated by Ciprian Morcan - General Manager Hygia Consult and Bianca Muntean - Executive Director - Aries Transylvania (Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry - Transylvania branch).

This event is part of a project which runs from October 3 to November 15, aiming to:

1. Coagulation creative community;

2. Development of Creative Industries Cluster of Transylvania;

3. Increase the number of partnerships in this area on various projects;

4. Develop a joint action plan to ensure the sustainability of the cluster;

5. Creating a platform for promoting the clustering initiative.

Discussions at the workshop had the role to establish the vision, mission and objectives of the action plan of the Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster as well as to clot creative community and identify partnerships on various projects.

"The creative industries are those industries which have their origin in creativity, talent and craftsmanship of the individuals that have the potential to create jobs and prosperity through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property." (UK approach)

Also in this meeting it was established to carry out an online questionnaire with areas of interest among members in order to make the framing of every member in one or more working groups:



Arts and art market




Film, video and photography

Software and computer games,

Music, visual arts and performing arts




All these areas of interest will be constituted in working groups for the cluster members. Multicultural Business Institute expressed its desire to share knowledge, experience and resources and create partnership and team work with other members of the cluster in the fields of Advertising, Design, Publishing, Television, Radio, Film, video and photography.

Also in this meeting two logo proposals for Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster were presented. We chose a logo in a an international language - English.