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Romanian Values-Program for supporting youth contribution through projects/programs to the progress of society

Since December 2016, the Institute runs the academic program through which it tries to collect and disseminat the expertise of the elites – Romanian and foreign - from the diplomatic, business, academic, profesional, community worlds within the projects of undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students, researchers from Universities (and other organizations with academic profile) on topics of interest relevant to disciplines/specialties/departments within the Faculties.




The founding mission of the program is to be of maximum help in a young student’s career, in both his personal and professional development. Furthermore, the purpose of the program is also to constitute an attraction factor and a bridge of dialogue (and transfer of expertise) between the Romanian experts and the foreign one; a formula to motivate this environmen to come closer to the needs of proactive youngsters (dynamic, innovative, with an entrepreneurial and exploratory sense) from a young age and to contribute to enhancing the academic curricula.

Nevertheless, the purpose of the program is to create a beautiful moment, like a holiday, a reunion of those who adhere to the same high values (after the national traditional Romanian model: the “clacă” = working together towards a common goal, helping one another) through which the expertise of top people be passed on to the younger generation. This expertise, along with the support and stimulus of the academic environment, represented by the professor, the university curricula and our Institute, is to be transformed, accredited and distributed into useful solutions to the Romanian society in various areas of interest and need.





Applicants will benefit from the following opportunities:

1. The possibility to choose in a vocational manner and according to criteria of passion his/her involvement in the process of education specific to the chosen subject matter, which will lead him/her to a higher degree of educability/professionalization;

2. The option to implement a project (s)he fully identifies with; an actual project, developed through the means of interacting with real professionals from the socio-economical and professional environment in which they work in;

3. The initiation of personal connections and the opportunity of networking and investing in a relationship with people from the high-life, whether they are professionals, financers, investors, academia members etc., that will afterwards be of use in his/her career and also become part of his/her support system as creators of higher values for the benefit of the community;                                                        

4. The possibility to become a factor of education and contributor to the professional qualification of his/her peers, by bringing the expertise gathered from top practitioners. This contribution can be established either through his/her selected project, that shall remain in the school records and freely accessible to all the faculty students, or by facilitating real life interaction between the experts and the rest of the group/department/faculty peers;

5. Building an appetite for innovation (and self esteem in one’s own creative strength), to think bigger and to get involved deeper into the things that excite him most personally and professionally. After such a first project, the student can continue through the same algorithm, by discovering new ideas, maybe more valuable and productive, for other disciplines as well (with the aid of our Institute), whether being in a partnership or supported by the department/faculty/university, or on one’s own, supported by the investors, professionals or other pillars of expertise from the high-life;

6. The recognition of the professional seniority for the work done in the project, certified by the Institute according to the Romanian law in force;

7. The certification of academic seniority, for the work put in the project as a participant to processes of research-development-innovation. This seniority shall be recognized nationally and internationally, both in the private sector and in the public institutions one;

8.Professional accreditation and/or academic (depending on the case) of the results achieved from the project evaluation. The aforementioned shall remain in the “record folder” of the student which will prove anywhere he will go his/her value as a professional.


Equally, the program brings professional benefits to the co-participating teachers as well and academic environment in general:

1. The enrichment of the expertise of his own curriculum through the direct and unmediated know-how obtained with his student’s help from high-life professionals;

2. The improvement of the subject matter curricula by integrating complementary information and know-how gained from the involvement of a wide range of professionals in the projects of his students. Thus, in a globalized, multipolar and vastly complex world, the curricula itself may become a real guide for the future professional (his student) in solving problems that require an integrating vision;

3. The follow-up of a process of attracting and getting professionals involved in the academic process, by boosting loyalty in relations and by constituting one’s own network of supporters (appropriate to the lecturing desk or discipline). Such supporters will be involved in future student or teacher projects that may be either academic and professional or entrepreneurial ones

4. Attaining a large database of solutions to the local problems of the environment which both the university and its future alumni develop their work in, a fact that will help improve the standards of the curricula of the university and future professionals that will be better prepared by the institution;

5. The opportunities listed at points 6, 7, 8 which the student benefits from can also be applied to the teacher, which can prove extremely valuable and useful to his national and international career, in both the academic field as well as in boosting his credibility in the practical professional environment of the national high-life and worldwide especially.


1.   1.Project: Wisdom has no age: wisemen and children at the round-table of life

Realiser: Dr. Victor Vizauer, Researcher in the Romanian Academy

Host organisation: Multicultural Business Institute

2. Project: Reinventing Romania through ethics

Realiser: Chira Mihai-Alexandru

Co-realiser (superviser): Associate professor Manuela Lupu

Host organisations:

- Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Department of Business Ethics, Babeș-Bolyai University

- Multicultural Business Institute


3. Project: Migrants’ trafficking and illegal crossing of the state border

Realiser: Olah Bernadette

Co-realiser(superviser): Prof. univ. Kadar Hunor

Host organisations:

- Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Department of Law, Sapientia University

- Multicultural Business Institute

4    4. Project: Accession of the private property law privată

Realiser: Fejer Timea

Co-realiser (superviser): Prof. univ. Sztranyiczki Szilard

Host organisations:

- Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Department of Law, Sapientia University

- Multicultural Business Institute


5. Project: Consciously parenting manual - "Being a good, conscious and successful Parent in Romania"

Participants: 14 persons, specialists in the fields of psychology, pedagogy, pediatrics/medicine, therapy, nutrition, anthropology, sociology, social work, legal sciences, management, social entrepreneurship, wellness, communication sciences

14 professionals from the fields of psychology, medicine/ pediatry, pedagogy, nutrition, sociology, antropology, management, legal sciences, communication sciences

Coordinator: Aurelian Burcu, Scientific Researcher, president of the Institute for Human and Community Development

Host organisation: Multicultural Business Institute


If you want to be part of any project team or just to support in any other quality (volunteer, financier, promoter, disseminator of the results etc. ), we invite you to contact us at the address: Această adresă de e-mail este protejată de spamboţi; aveţi nevoie de activarea JavaScript-ului pentru a o vizualiza or by phone: +4 0752 766 875.