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We want to help people coming from abroad, interested or established in Romania, to find the best opportunities for social and professional integration.

If you are looking for business oportunities-be it an entrepreneurial start-up, an investment opportunity or partners to collaborate with and build something together- our network of professionals, can provide you with complex and complete services covering your specific needs, including:

  • information and counseling on: Romanian legislation regarding immigrants, labour, business and entrepreneurship conditions and procedures; accounting, tax legislation and procedures
  • counseling on planning a business and its development strategies (branding, marketing, growth and maintenance strategies and so on) adapted to the Romanian environment as well as to the specific industry/field
  • information on the existing potential parterns (individuals and organizations) to collaborate with

We also aim at welcoming foreign individuals who arrive in Romania and look for employment opportunities. Our professionals will be ready to support them with information and counseling on:

  • Romanian immigration and labour legislation
  • suitable job opportunities existing on the market
  • professional guidance and mediation: hiring strategies, writing and translating CV/Resumes and other documents, necessary documentation, and others of the kind

Regardless of the professional purpose, we also plan to provide the following services useful for your social and professional life in Romania:

  • · introduction to Romanian culture and social-professional environment-in the form of information, counseling, trainings, courses approaching Romanian language, culture, history, mentalities, business and work styles and attitudes, geography, traditions, habbits and practices
  • information and facilitating access to touristical attractions; places and events for leisure activities, important public and educational institutions


In the same manner, our Institute is willing to support the Romanian people who want to explore other geographical and cultural areas.

To best understand the bussiness environment in all its versatility, a number of skills must be developed as well as an understanding of this world’s multiculturalism and how it comes into play on a bussiness level. Every culture has a different approach when it comes to bussiness. Learning of said differences will help you become more flexible and adapt easier to the environment.

Romanians looking for professional opportunities abroad-find a job , open subsidiaries or a new business abroad or maybe establish new partnerships to enter new markets-can benefit from our partners’professional services including:

  • information and counseling on international business; national, european, international legislation(s)
  • information on legislation; life,economic, labor and business, fiscal/tax conditions specific to one state (depending on each Romanian professional/specialist/entrepreneur/business person’s interest)
  • information, counseling, trainings or courses on: foreign languages for specific purposes; culture and civilisation specific to various countries/cultures; intercultural communication
  • information on the existing potential parterns (individuals and organizations) to collaborate with
  • information on the suitable potential jobs existing in the foreign market(s) in the client’s fields of interest and counseling on the hiring strategies




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