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We welcome foreign organisations looking forward to investing in Romania-for instance in the form of new subsidiaries of their companies, business projects/plans worth financing or other forms of investment opportunities, or partnerships with firms active in Romania-and come with our professionals’ offers to meet their needs. Our services include:

  • information and counseling on: Romanian legislation regarding immigrants, labour, business conditions and procedures; accounting, tax legislation and procedures
  • research, information and counseling on the best investment opportunities existing in the Romanian market in the company’s areas of inerest
  • counseling on development strategies (branding, marketing, growth and maintenance strategies, specific types of management and so on) adapted to the Romanian environment as well as to the specific industry/field
  • prospection, information and selection of potential business partners, collaborators, clients and/or employees
  • introduction to Romanian culture and social-professional environment-in the form of information, counseling, trainings, courses approaching Romanian language, culture, history, mentalities, business and work styles and attitudes, geography, traditions, habbits and practices


For Romanian business organisations looking for new markets and new partners from abroad our Institute can provide the necessary services tailored to their needs:

  • information and counseling on international business; national, european, international legislation(s)
  • information on legislation; life, economic, labor and business, fiscal/tax conditions specific to one state (depending on each Romanian professional/specialist/entrepreneur/business person’s interest)
  • information, counseling, trainings or courses on: foreign languages for specific purposes; culture and civilisation specific to various countries/cultures; intercultural communication
  • information on the existing potential parterns (individuals and organizations) to collaborate with


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