Darius Roby

  • Writer, Geographer, Explorer, Cartographer and Senior Researcher at Multicultural Business Institute.
  • B.A. in international studies from University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, USA.
  • M.A. in European Studies from Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
  • Former Editor at Cluj.com – where Darius sought to record and preserve the stories of families, traditions, historical and geographical wonders of Cluj County and the greater ethno-cultural region of Transylvania. He also strives to promote Romania as a fascinating and exciting travel destination.
  • Member of the American Geographical Society – in this positions, his writings serve to explore the relationship between geography, archaeology, cuisine, and cultural identity.
  • He has done many journeys from the ancient ruins of Armenia to the scorching deserts of Central Asia, recording everything of interest and publishing his thoughts and stories on his personal website: https://www.dariusroby.com/
  • Member of the Hakluyt Society, and interested in in books on voyages of discovery, the history of navigation, exploration, and geographical discovery
  • He has published dozens of articles in com, Moldova.org, Ukraine Today, and Canada Free Press.

Darius also wrote 3 books, published or in course of publishing:

  1. Travels in Moldova and the Lands beyond” a topographical and cultural treatise on the regions of Moldova, Bukovina, Podolia, and Halychyna (Napoca Star Publishing, Cluj-Napoca, 2019) professionally accredited in History-Cultures-Traditions Series of Multicultural Business Institute.
  2. Social and linguistic identity in the former Soviet Republic of Moldova – academic accredited in Community Development Series of Multicultural Business Institute (pending to be published – Limes Publishing, Cluj-Napoca)
  3. Transatlantic or transpacific: the future of American foreign relations in the twentieth-first century academic accredited in Politics and International Affairs Series of Multicultural Business Institute (pending to be published – Colorama Publishing, Cluj-Napoca)