Milan Zetocha

Milan Zetocha

The creative man, like the fruitful tree, can be acknowledged by its flowers and fruits. As beautiful and fragrant are the first ones in the season of youth, as rich and savory will be the others in the season of harvest.

Milan Zetocha, our author, colleague and friend, whom we have the pleasure of presenting to Romanian society today, he has reached  the fruitful season, enjoying us as well as you (we are convinced) with a first sample of the fruits of his being, his passion and his expertise.

Although of Slovak origin, he was born and grew up in Romania, in a locality in Bihor county, with a predominantly ethnic Slovak population, Milan himself being a living proof of a happy multicultural syncretism best realized in the Carpathian, Transylvanian space.

After completing the courses of the Faculty of Environmental Protection (from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca) and following the call for one of his great passions discovered since childhood, Milan has specialized in the finalization of studies in the field of food control and expertise.

The professional blooming period was loaded with a multitude of diplomas, the result of multiple training and professional development sessions in the country or abroad, among which we mention: “Internal auditor for testing and calibration laboratories according to ISO 17025: 2005 and ISO 19011: 2011 ” standards”; “Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) – Initial – Category 6”; “REACH and CLP Regulations- Legislative and Practical Requirements for Downstream Users”; “After sales service”.

His professional development has followed various other stages, with a multidisciplinary profile, integrating activities from a variety of fields, including: commercial, food production, engineering, management, scientific and technological innovation, leadership, control and audit (etc.), developing programs and performing creative goods and services in partnership with academic institutions and with companies or other private organizations, both in Romania and the United States of America.

Always an aspirant for higher levels of expertise, professionalism and personal development, eager to share the world with the fruits of passion, dedication and effort, the engineer, the explorer, the human Milan Zetocha has joined our Institute  last year, honoring us by his presence as a person, impressing us by his vigour as a specialist and giving us the joy of celebrating together the diversity of a transdisciplinary team, united in a common goal: to give human society the value fruits of the creative people.