Educational programs

Dear firends, we announce the opening of registrations for the second edition (2021) of the course:


We gladly invite you to benefit from a new MBI certified educational program, offered free of charge by our Institute in collaboration with Mrs. Marina Ferenț, Senior Researcher and also Junior Lecturer Phd. candidate at Faculty of Economics and Business Management, from “Babeș-Bolyai” University

For details on the organization of the course and its benefits, as well as ways to register, we invite you to see the information below:

Course name: Basics of R programming language in statistical analysis

Number of hours: 21 hours, divided into 8 meetings of 1 h 30 min each and 9 hours of individual work

Procedure: Given the current context generated by the emergence of the new SARS-CoV-2, the courses will be conducted online using the Skype platform (unlike last year when we used zoom). Participants will receive a login link at the beginning of the course.

Number of participants: maximum 10 participants in order to maximize the student-teacher interaction.

Knowledge and skills acquired by students at the end:

  • Differentiating between different R data structures (for example, vector, matrix, data frame, list) – generating the structures, properties of the structures, operations
  • Visualizing data using base R graphics – bar charts, pie charts, histograms, scatter plots, line charts
  • Analyzing data using predefined R functions – statistical measures, correlations, linear regression, forecasting
  • Writing an R code that can execute repetitive tasks – for loops, conditional statements
  • Writing user defined functions – applications on writing the functions for: statistical measures, correlations, linear regression, forecasting

By the end of the course, the students will become independent R users, being able to understand R code, write their own code and debug. Also, they will be able to perform a statistical analysis in R (visualizing, computing statistical measures, performing cross tab analysis, linear regressions, and forecasting).

For what and where can the course be usefull in professional life?

The course is aimed at people with minimal knowledge of statistics and econometrics who want to learn the basics of a programming language used in statistical data analysis. Thus, after completing the course, students will be able to move to data analyst jobs or form the basis for a data scientist, machine learning engineer, big data engineer, or researcher. These jobs have applications in a multitude of fields (eg financial, banking, marketing, management, economics, political science, agricultural science, tourism, culture, medicine, etc.), in private companies, NGOs, research institutes or in academia.

For registration and other information please contact our colleague, Marina Ferenț-Pipaș, program manager, at <>.

Thank you and good luck !



a) Academic level

High-school and university students and other interested public, will have the possibility to pursue our courses, taught by our associate professionals, in the fields providing the necessary knowledge and skills for professional and entrepreneurial development: management, marketing, sales, negotiations, business and tax law, human resources, finance and accounting, event organisation, intercultural communication and others in the same category.

Also, for people wishing to initiate themselves in other domains, for personal or professional purposes, we can introduce qualification coursesin diverse fields, such as technical, technological, artistic, scientific, cultural fields.

Our specialized manuals and guides, a result of Institute’s members’ research activity, are published and ready to introduce in the educational and academic environment.


b) Non-formal level

We will offer a wide variety of outside-school learning opportunities from workshops, debates and discussion groups to conferences, symposia and intercultural integrative events, informative manuals and webportals, created and organized within our departments and multicultural clubs. Through our programs not only can you discover or improve upon specific skillsets but you can also meet a large variety of people with multiple backrounds and experiences with whom to share ideas, find solutions to society’s problems, broaden your horizons and dissolve cultural barriers.