A new civilization arises in our lives, and blind men everywhere are trying to suppress it. This new civilization brings with it new family styles; changed ways of working, loving, and living; a new economy; new political conflicts and beyond them – an altered consciousness. Humanity is facing a significant leap forward; facing the most profound social unrest and creative restructuring of all time. Without clearly recognizing it, we are committed to building a new outstanding civilization. Starting from scratch. (Alvin Toffler)


Multicultural Business Institute’ s mission is to:

– design, intermediate and manage intercultural ties and exchanges between representatives of different cultures in terms of values and practice in cultural, economic, educational, scientific, youth and social fields, for the purpose of achieving socio-economic, inter– and multi-cultural progress of society.

– discover, emphasize, transmit, share and implement models of thinking, living,  creating, spirituality, action and sustainable success taken from each major culture and civilization of humanity in the areas of interest to the economic, spiritual-moral, personal, family, social and material progress of the human being and communities.

– take the informational resources (expertize, ideas, vision, know-how, etc.) from various applied fields (such us for example: factories, laboratories, clinics, shops, studios, offices, public institutions of any type, Romanian or foreign) process, adapt and acreditate/ validate them, than promote (through multiple channels and methods) and transfer them, (in adapted ways), to other key segments of society: scientific and educational environment, community organizations, public institutions, youth, professionals or people (generally) interested in using them.

– be a human development platform – a springboard to launch, support and offer credibility to students, youth, professionals and other categories in search for affirmation and professional development opportunities.