From its setting up, we mainly mention the following achievements of the Institute:

It has tutored over 250 programs, more than 170 being research-development-innovation programs, of which 150 completed and 20 ongoing.

It coordinated and published several dozen of volumes (of which 97 ranked CNCS– National Council of Scientific Research), including results of research and development-innovation programs carried out by members and partners of the Institute, especially during the last years.

It has developed a platform of 17 Editorial Series: Scientific, Professional, Cultural, Technical, within which more than 220 young authors have been published so far, in more than 160 volumes published or in process of publication (http: //www.valori.mcb-institutes. org /).

It has developed lasting strategic partnership networks with over 160 high-life organizations/  institutions both international and local, such as: diplomatic and cultural environment (Consulates of France, UK, Slovenia, Turkey, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands in Cluj, 11 Foreign Cultural Institutes), business environment  (the Business Women Association of Cluj, Elite Business Women club and other 8 Romanian employer’s associations, The Francophone Business Club from Cluj, the German Language Businesspeople’s Club of North Transylvania, the British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania, Belgian Luxembourg Romanian Moldovan Chamber of Commerce, The Italian Business Club Cluj etc.), academic environment (over 280 people at national level: rectors, vice-rectors, deans, teachers, scientific researchers from most of Cluj-Napoca university centers, cultural centers, and several dozen public and private colleges/ universities), political environment, public institutional environment.

It founded (in 2018, on the occasion of the centenary year of the Great Union of the Romanian Kingdoms) and developed afterwoards the Academy of Elites, Models and Values, an institution of national importance, a center for cohesion, collaboration and promotion of the highest creative and generating forces of progress in our society (people of value), as well as for the dissemination of values Romanians, in a universal multicultural context – all of this intended to re-educate in value, dignity, character and virtue, both of human society as a whole, as well as of each of us, as individual persons. The Academy currently has 257 members and has realized during the period 2018-2022: 38 Projects, 158 TV Shows, 182 Recorded Interviews (audio, video), 49 Radio Shows, 112 Press Materials (articles, cultural editorials), 19 Academic and Cultural Conferences, 33 Community Handbooks (over 7000 pages)

It was co-organizer of the NGO’s Forum – a project initiated by the Francophone Business Club Cluj, the Dutch Business Club, the British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the “Babeş-Bolyai” University).

It has organized the session on the topic:  NGO’s Academy within the NGOs Forum (2016 edition), with over 10 top-level attendees from the following environments: business-corporate, academic and educational (public and private) and the community one, respectively, on the design of a training structure for NGO staff to work at a higher professional level, taking  the expertise from the business organizations environment.

It is a founding member of the “Transilvania” Creative Industries Cluster, the first of its kind in Romania (together with public authority institutions, 3 universities and 42 business organizations, some of which can be seen on the cluster’s official website http: //creativetransilvania.ro/).

It has participated in another 11 national and international events with diplomatic, business, academic or community representatives, including the Tech Industry Awards Gala – the first edition, organized by ARIES Transylvania and the StartUP Center for Entrepreneurship (Centrul pentru antreprenoriat Start Up), at the Cluj Technology Festival; National Day of France in Cluj organized by the Embassy of the Republic of France, Honorary Consulate of France in Cluj, French Institute-Cluj branch, Francophone Business  Club Cluj.

It has participated in the Open Innovation 2.0 International Conference, the 5th edition (13-14 June 2017), held for the first time in Eastern Europe, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Organizers: European Commission – General Directorate CONNECT through Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group; Cluj-Napoca City Hall ; The Innovation Value Institute; ARIES Transilvania.

It has participated in 5 other international conferences, having as guests foreign diplomats,  prestigious academics, experts and prestigious business people – both Romanian and foreign.

It has participated in 10 cultural events within the diplomatic communities (consulates, embassies), cultural communities (foreign cultural institutes and centers) and business communities (corporate environment, professional associations, chambers of commerce, foreign investor organizations) as a promoter of intercultural relations.

It has created and coordinated, founded or involved in 9 community programs.

It has participated in over 20 events  at the level of both Romanian and foreign communities from the diplomatic, cultural, business, community environments etc. as a promoter of intercultural relations.

It has formed an academic team of 33 leading scientific researchers and 21 associate researchers.

It has formed a managerial-administrative team of 27 professionals.

It has formed a network of 60 collaborating professionals from various fields.

It has attracted, involved, developed and coordinated  more than 172 professional volunteers.

It is a member of the Local Civic Council of Cluj-Napoca (a civic and apolitical alternative of the Cluj Local Council, now unique in Europe, successfully operating since 2004), during which the Institute assured the General Secretariat (taken from the League of Human Rights Defense, Cluj) between September 2016-October 2017 (http://consiliulciviclocal.ro/).

It became a member of the “BT Club” – Banca Transilvania (Transylvania Bank) Businessmen’s Club.

It has attracted a number of 129 funders/financiers and 67 sponsors.

It has created partnerships with over 42 community organizations (student, youth, cultural, social ones) with 73 business organizations (employers’ organizations, foreign chambers of commerce, investors’ communities, professional associations, Romanian and foreign companies) and 31 representatives of the diplomatic environment (consuls, ambassadors, foreign cultural institutes and centers).

It has created partnerships with 12 public and private institutions and 168 academics from 29 faculties from 15 universities.