Georgia Moraru

Georgia Moraru

Georgia Moraru is a graduate of the Faculty of Theater and Television, who always learns through personal projects to develop her skills as a videographer, photographer, screenwriter and, last but not least, as a film director. Definitely, what she has learned in university helps her to acquire a basis for what she wants to achieve in the future.

Her most important project so far has certainly been the written license entitled Religiosity and Prayer in the New Romanian Cinema and the movie A by Ana-Maria. In her free time, she volunteers at film, theater and music festivals such as the Transylvania International Film Festival, Comedy Cluj, Temps D’images or the French Film Festival where she works as a film critic, photographer and videographer.

Currently, she is also a fresh graduate graduate of the Faculty of Letters, Universal and Comparative Literature – English Language and Literature profile, a faculty that taught her to read otherwise, to write and analyze literature as a comparator. She likes writing, looking for models outside herself and discovering new ways to follow, so she is open to more career opportunities in the fields she has studied.

In writing, she expresses herself the best, she has a sense of freedom and can, thus create unique worlds and characters. She adores imagination, but she is always inspired by the surrounding reality, she likes to be anchored in it, and in this sense she always observes and engages with the need to learn, to know.

She believes in realism as a way of looking for new ways of expression just as fantasy takes us away and shows us that there is the possibility of dreaming.