Mihai Andrei Mocan

Mihai Andrei Mocan

Mihai Andrei Mocan, born in Andrid, County of Satu-Mare, graduate of the prestigious Faculty of History at “Babeş-Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca, having a real passion for universal history, philosophy and universal wisdom, since adolescence, he followed a firm and ascendant personal and professional route of development throughout his career by obtaining multiple certifications in various fields such as: philology, political science, archives, social security management, pedagogy, museology, cultural tourism, agriculture, entrepreneurship, etc., while asserting as a passionate promoter of both folk customs and virtues, but also of the traditional high values of the former nobility elites.

Although he has become a gentleman through school, profession, the prestigious institutions where he works, the top events he performs, the organizations and the personalities of the exalted, high circles he accompanies daily, Mihai has never forgotten that the true virtue and the noble characters are formed at countryside, alongside beautiful, simple people but of a deep wisdom and takes proud that the destiny gave him the luck to grow up on the family farm in Andrid, where he continues to return to whenever he has time, alongside with nature, animals, the original spirit of life.

His both leadership and good coordinator nature has helped him to stand out successfully in his career and community, through dozens of exhibitions organized in recent years in various locations in the country and abroad, under the guidance of the Satu-Mare County Museum and Karolyi Castle in the city of Carei.

As a genuine educator of the people, striding with firmness, courage, and dignity in the footsteps of one of his idols – Nicolae Iorga – a teacher of wisdom, virtue and spirit, an enlightner of man and a country reconstructor by investing in the formation of new generations at the school of history, Mihai has conducted museum pedagogy activities, presenting students the existing collections in the cultural patrimony, organizing events and round tables with subjects in the museum area, developing the interest of children for the glorious past, for the great achievements and great experiences of the leaders of the past and well as for a future which is worthwhile to wear the imprint of their personality, their vision and their own creations, harmoniously integrated with the destiny of the community.

In the light of the same spirit, Mihai promoted the exhibitions and achievements of the Carei Museum during the national and international tourism fairs held throughout the entire country. As a representative of Carei City, he has  honored the city  with real  success at international tourism fairs.

His special qualities were also honored by the received proposal to join the Order of the Teutonic Knights, in which he was invested in merit by the title of Baron, imperial spokesman, Imperia Master of Ceremonies. As such, he is also present at the annually events dedicated to the Romanian Royal Day, in Bucharest.

Mihai has made us the joy and honor of joining the Institute’s family and we pride ourselves on being contemporaries of people who, although very young, already provide themselves a well-deserved place in the history of the universal values of the community. Only with such noble characters and only together, through the synergy of efforts, by dedicating to superior values of life and by the firm desire to devote ourselves to the permanent emancipation of the individual and community human condition, we will succeed as humanity, to maintain ourselves on an ever-ascending path to the ever-increasing culminations of progress, fulfillment and permanent celebration of the joy of living.