Mohammad Jaradat-Hadi

Mohammad Jaradat-Hadi

Professor,PhD, rector of “Bogdan-Vodă” University in Cluj-Napoca

Professor Mohammad Jaradat, Jordanian and Romanian citizen, is specialized in medicine, as well as in economics, with 2 doctoral theses, in medicine and cybernetics and economic statistics.

He teaches management at the Faculty of Economics of “Bogdan-Vodă” University and coordinates license, dissertation and doctoral theses in management at “Bogdan-Vodă” University and Valahia University of Târgovişte.

He was granted the Doctor Honoris Causa title by the Medical University of Taipei in 2011 and was named the Professor of the Year by the Association of the Faculties of Economics in Romania.

Professor Jaradat published 74 scientific articles and studies, 15 books and books chapters, carried 6 research-development-innovation projects.