Petruța Diana Cimpoiaș

Petruța Diana Cimpoiaș

Our colleague Petruta Diana Cimpoiaş is a licensed graduate of Psychology at “Babeş-Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca, the department of Psychology, and is currently pursuing a masters program in psychotherapy within the same faculty.

Since adolescence, an  inner special desire has been born to help people, and in order to do this she has realized that she needs to know people in depth, hence the desire to follow the field of psychology for which she has developed a passion since adolescence, being an Olympic at this field of study for three consecutive years.

Being at the same time a sensitive spirit with a passion for painting, photography, nature, equitation, and for the whole Universe, she explored Spirituality and Esotericism in parallel. All these are integrative aspects of the human being, which, lived in depth,  have revealed her many aspects of human nature and the surrounding world itself.

Thus, she has accumulated knowledge from diverse fields and through self-observation, observation and reflection, the understanding of inner life has emerged. In order to truly know people, she realized she needed to know herself, as it is written on the frontispiece of Apollo’s temple in Delphi: “Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods.” Thus, she realized through her own experience that meditation is a form of conversation with the inner God, with the Universe itself, and that it is the most healthy way of living a balanced and harmonious life away from conflicts and problems, every situation is the way we want to see it, and when we change how to perceive the situation, the situation itself changes.

As a result of the analyzes of the society in which we live, which becomes at a rapid pace an increasingly dysfunctional environment that hinders the harmonious development of younger generations, it has noticed that in Romania there are no intervention systems for today’s teenagers in the correction centers, teenagers that will become tomorrow’s adults and who, due to the lack of methods to cure disfavoring behaviors, are at an  increased risk of destructive ways of acting against the environment and people around them. Therefore, combining the scientific and the spiritual, the Western and the Oriental, she created this prototype of mindfulness therapy intervention for youth in correction centers.

Nowadays, meditation is an indispensable medicine to the much neglected soul in the daily run to the fulfillment of responsibilities. It provides the inner balance that we need so much, the inner peace that helps us to function normally and pushes us to discover our true potential, pushes us to our personal development, as undefined beings belonging to this Universe.

Therefore, through the work “Anger Management in Adolescents through a mindfulness intervention to reduce stress“, the author wishes to bring a new scientifically  documented and validated model of intervention that deserves to be implemented in order to bring a positive change to society and adolescents, who are deprived of healthy methods of coping with the everyday life, who can hardly wait to self-discover, develop, learn about their inner nature, and the beauty of life in the state of consciousness they will cultivate following this intervention.

In this way, Petruţa wants to add to the society and to all humanity, the effect of the consciousness of these young people on the collective consciousness, thus cultivating the love for the present moment and the inner universe, love that continues to perpetuate through a conscious way of feeling, thinking and acting.