Radu Danciu

Associate professor, dean of the Faculty of Economics Cluj-Napoca of ”Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University of Bucharest; expert accountant, member of CECCAR (Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania) and ARACIS (The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) evaluator

Accounting specialist by profession , Radu Danciu helds both managerial (as a dean) and educational activities in the Faculty of Economics, as well as professional activities in collaboration with the business organisations.

Regarding educational activities, Radu Danciu teaches: Accounting Basics, Financial Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Computerized Accounting System, Preparation and audit of annual financial statements, International Financial Reporting Standards, Expertise and accounting ethics.

Mr. Danciu’s doctoral thesis Sisteme contabile informatizate ale agenţilor economici din industrie (Computerized accounting systems of economic agents from industry) is the theoretical foundation of data and financial-accounting information management in computerized environments.

He also created his own computerized financial-accounting system – Evicont v. 4.0

Radu Danciu uses more than 30 integrated management systems, also described in his volume: Sisteme contabile informatizate (Computerized accounting systems)

As a specialist, he worked in companies from the banking system to energy and software industries and nowadays collaborates with business organisations from various fields.