Angela Culda

Angela Culda is a Senior Scientific Researcher at the Multicultural Business Institute, PhD student of “Babeș-Bolyai” University and Teacher with a Teaching Degree I, a specialist in Romanian language and literature. With a multilateral professional formation, Angela is attracted by various cultural environments (such as: Romanian, French, English, Spanish and Chinese), education sciences, management (director of educational institution) and coordinator of numerous cultural, social, scientific and educational programs. Equally passionate about multiculturalism, traditions and customs, along with the segment of the phenomenology of human and community development, she has been actively involved in these directions, being also a member of several expert bodies, such as: The National Corps of Experts in Educational Management; ANPRO – Association of Teachers of Romanian Language and Literature, Alba County Working Group for the Development of Methodology of the Movement of Teaching Staff. As an author, Angela affirmed herself with the publication of several works with educational, cultural and scientific status, among which we mention: “Models at the School of Life” (co-author, Napoca Star Publishing House), “Values ​​of Romanian Literature: Ioan Groşan and contemporary prose”(Volume of a single author, Napoca Star Publishing House, emerging, 2019), “Tools and Methods in Modeling the Collective Imaginary(co-author, Ecou Transilvan Publishing House, 2018 Series, Human Development – Anthropology Series).