Member of the Local Civic Council of Cluj and coordinator of the General Secretariat from September 2016 to October 2017)

At the invitation of Mr. Iosif Pop, the founder of Transilvania Bank and the IMO Group, the President of the Local Civic Council of Cluj-Napoca (Consiliul Civic Local -in Romanian, or CCL-abreviated), Multicultural Business Institute became a member of the Council. The Local Civic Council is the voice of the civil society in Cluj, consisting of over 45 community organizations from 17 different domains representative of the various needs of the Cluj community and is the civic, apolitical alternative of the Cluj-Napoca Local Council as the decisional authority of the local public administration. Its mission is to improve quantitatively and qualitatively the life of the Cluj community by promoting civic initiatives and supporting the participation of civil society in the decision-making process. CCL members, whose leaders are prestigious specialists and activists in various fields (economy, politics, diplomacy, architecture and urbanism, business, education, law, culture, etc.) gather in monthly meetings to identify ideas and solutions for city development in various sectors of activity. Representatives of the decision-makers also take part in the sessions: the Local Council, the

Parliament as well as ordinary citizens interested in the welfare of the municipality. They are then sent to the Cluj Local Council and the Cluj members. CCL’s merits were recognized and awarded in 2015 by the Prefect Institution-Cluj County, but also by the French community – through the French Cultural Institute, the Francophone Business Club. Starting September 2016, the Institute provided the General Secretariat of the Local Civic Council (taken from the League of Human Rights Defense in Cluj – LADO Cluj, between September 2016 and October 2017).