Multicultural business world’s Vision on the reform, reconstruction, development, innovation of the Romanian society

Multicultural business world’s Vision on the reform, reconstruction, development, innovation of the Romanian society

Program Mission

In December 2015, we  launched the  program aimed at taking the multicultural professionals’ rich expertise, life experience, vision and proposed solutions on the improvement of the social, cultural and professional environment.

The program addresses business people of diverse cultural origins as well as other cultural ambassadors of the foreign cultures and professionals with multicultural expertise.

Their know-how will be processed and shared to the public in diverse adapted forms: video documentaries to be published on Institute’s media channels, written articles for the Institute’s magazine, scientific papers and volumes.

Collecting the information from the interviews is part of the longer procedure (in several steps) of a scientific research program. Also, a part of the obtained information will be processed in distinct scientific analysis.

Sessions of interviews and participants

Our first interviewees are:

  1. Kiran Vasudeva– coming from Bangalore, India, co-owner and manager of Indigo, the first Indian café and restaurant in Cluj, with genuine Indian cuisine cooked by professional Asian chefs and a warm and exquisite Indian ambiance
  1. Sam Esale Imbia– originating from Cameroon, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Supa Export company, a global provider of Import and Export solutions, working with both developed and emerging markets. Since 2015, its multinational team has completed so far transactions worth over $ 15 million.
  1. Danish Ashraf– from Aligarh, India, now a Romanian citizen – founder and owner of Da Camel Club in Cluj-Napoca, the first Indian-Oriental club-restaurant in Transylvania that brings together the most important ingredients of a succesful Oriental evening: traditional Indian food (also including some special Romanianized dishes), hookah and belly dance.
  1. Attila Kiraly– Cluj entrepreneur, who also lived in Sweden and the U.S., owner of, a city portal with information pertaining to life and tourism in Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania.
  1. Tayler Adams-Gladue– executive chef and
  2. Oliver Ryffel– general manager

the Canadian owners of the only Canadian bistro and wine-bar restaurant in ClujOff the Wall, with seasonal menus, cooked from fresh, locally produced ingredients and inspired from the world’s cultural diversity.

  1. Darius Roby– enthusiast editor and travel writer at, who came from the United States to Romania 8 years ago.



In the interview meetings, the discussions revolved around the following topics, related to both personal and professional life:

  • family: cultural and professional backgrounds, lifestyle, values that influenced their personal and professional choices in life; involvement in the past and/or current business(es); interculturally mixed couples
  • personal values, customs, hobbies
  • the reasons for leaving their countries and moving to Romania
  • the process of moving and adapting to the Romanian social and professional life
  • their views on the Romanian legal, administrative, and economic context of businesses; people and their lifestyle, traditions, mentalities, business and work culture, way of relating to others; university life – compared to the country of origin
  • their professions and the reasons for taking up business
  • the story of their business: difficulties encountered in Romania in the start-up phase, principles, growth strategies
  • aspects regarding the employees selection: experience, skills, attitude, nationality
  • involvement in the community, Corporate Social Responsibility actions
  • multiculturalism in Cluj/Transilvania/Romania and the country of origin; simillarities and differences in managing it
  • multicultural experience acquired in personal and professional experiences with other cultures
  • university life in Romania and abroad
  • the potential of Romania for investment in different industries and the things to be improved