Cultln project – Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster – the final conference

On November 14, 2016 at Tailors’ Bastion was held the final conference organized on the occasion of conclusion of the project CultIN – Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster , a project funded by the Ministry of Culture.

This event was opened by the President of Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster, Mr. Ioan Sbârciu, followed by a series of presentations where members of the Cluster were brought before a summary of the events organized within the CultIn project, the draft of the Action Plan of Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster,presentation of ARIES Transilvania (Romanian Association for the Electronic Industry and Software-Transylvania branch) in the role of catalyst for the creative community, the presentation of the infrastructure opportunities for the creative industries (Cluj Innovation Park).

The 2nd part of the event had as guests Mr. Daniel Coșniță, President of CLUSTERO- Clusters Association of Romania, who presented the opportunities of internationalization for the entities. He was followed by Ionuț Țața, Chairman of the Cluster for Innovation and Technology Braşov who brought to the audience a number of ideas, projects, and resources for the Creative Industries Cluster.