Laura Adriana Pintilie

Laura Adriana Pintilie works as Junior Researcher and Legal Departament Adviser at Multicultural Business Institute, being also Law student at “Babeş-Bolyai” University (Cluj-Napoca), currently carrying some research programs at confluence between law, ethics and technology.

She is also the author of several articles on legal issues, particularly on data protection. Besides writing essays, Laura is also volunteering in non-governmental organizations dealing with solving various malfunctions that exist in the local public administration system and initiating different campaigns that are meant to offer help.

Laura is a co-author of several professional and academic papers such as:

“Demnitate și moralitate în actul de justiție” (“Dignity and morality in the act of justice”)  Napoca Star Publishing House, 2018, academically accredited in the Human Development (Ethics) Series of the Multicultural Business Institute.

Mecanisme sociale implicate în dezvoltarea potențialului uman” (“Social mechanisms involved in the development of human potential”) – Napoca Star Publishing House, 2018, professionally accredited in Human Development (Psychology) Series of the Multicultural Business Institute.