Alexandra Luca

  • Human Development Specialist & Researcher, Institute for Human and Community Development, Cluj-Napoca
  • Adviser, Suceava City Hall
  • Project Manager, Multicultural Business Institute
  • Former Marketing Vice-President of “European Law Students Association”, Suceava
  • Former Local Coordinator at „Ajungem Mari – Growing Up” Educational Program within the Lindenfield Association, Suceava
  • Law Graduate, currently undergoing master’s courses at the College of Law and Administrative Sciences from “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava
  • 6 years of activity within private organizations and public institutions in areas such as: law, education, community activism, public administration, social inclusion, marketing, organizational development, human resources, public relations and communication.
  • Attended many seminars, events, exchanges, work and personal development sessions in the area of justice personnel training, human rights, fight against discrimination, refugee crisis, fight against violence, medical law.
  • First and second place winner of the university contests on legal essays, between 2015-2018, organized by ELSA in partnership with the College of Law and Administrative Sciences from “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava
  • Rewarded twice with the Special Diploma for the involvement in the organizational development and human resources training activities within ELSA Suceava
  • Rewarded with a Diploma for the active citizen attitude and activity within the National School for Democracy – Pro Democracy Association and DJST Covasna.
  • Author of seven research-development-innovation and creation programs, whose results were published within books or articles presented at conferences, seminars and other public events
  • Author of five books with academic, professional and cultural statute of which we mention:
  1. Forensic Aspects of Judicial Traces – CNCS + A2 accredited in Legal Series, Limes Publishing House
  2. Morphosis – the human transfiguration kaleidoscope – professionally accredited in Human Development Series (Anthropology), Napoca Star Publishing House
  3. Allegories on Existential Rhythms – culturally accredited in Spirituality Series, Napoca Star Publishing House.