Andrei Varga

Andrei Varga

Andrei Varga, our distinguished colleague, whom we are pleased to present today to both readers and the entire Romanian society, is a talented young scholar, a graduate of the prestigious Faculty of History and Philosophy of “Babeş-Bolyai” University, from Cluj-Napoca. The old passion, discovered from childhood, for history, met happily in the years of maturity with another fundamental attraction: that to the deep universe of ancestral wisdom, used both as a source for the evolution of human character and as a priority tool used by fortune and governors in their constant aspiration to build sustainable societies with a high quality of individual and collective life.

Incidentally, by following these calls, and based on a cosmic law of resonance that states that we feel attracted to the values we have already embodied in our own identity, Andrei was fascinated by the study of Oriental civilizations, known from ancient times, here in our West, the principle that “light always came from the East”.  And from the great enlightners that contributed in the assumed form of human destiny to the creation of the longest, most profound and stable civilizations known in history – Chinese civilization, extended both in Korea and Japan – Confucius was imposed in the social consciousness of humanity through its balanced thinking, through the high system of ethical standards, by the commitment to the progress of the whole human community, from order, harmony and social development, to the emancipation of character through education, and especially to the portrayal and promotion of the highest goal of the human being we want both the individual and society to maintain the path of harmony, happiness and lasting progress): the goal of becoming a true “noble man” by thr ennoblement of his whole personality, thus being the most important resource and value of any community.

Over time, history has been defined in many ways, but perhaps the oldest and most profound of its characters is to be a database of fundamental lessons of the evolution of society and man, while being concurrently the main handbook and teacher for each generation, in any age. In this context, those who study and understand in depth the lessons taught over time and space by hundreds and hundreds of human generations, in particular, deepen the teachings of those societies that have been able to climb to the high heights of progress and development building up thriving civilizations, such a man must be recognized as a true teacher, mentor and coach of the good of any city regardless of age and place.

We are convinced that Andrei Varga has embarked on with fast and secure steps on the way of assuming this condition and we feel honored that he joined the multidisciplinary team of our Institute, bringing through his creation, vision and passion a great plus of value to the Romanian society.

Since ancient times in human society, theory / science and practice have always tended to place themselves at diametrically opposed poles. Given that the path of stable and sustainable progress can only be achieved when these two realities blend harmoniously, it is understandable why most human states / communities are always unbalanced by slipping either to the abyss of social utopias (Nazism is one of the most come to the consciousness of modernity, for example) when theory was totally ignored, ignoring reality; to barbarism and social degeneration, when reality totally extinguished the light of science / theory, letting the people groping blindly on the night of ignorance. One of the great merits of Confucius and the school / movement created by his teaching was to find the universal method, which, customized to the specificity of each society, ensures the balance between the light of theory, knowledge on the one hand and virtue practice tailored to real problems / needs on the other hand. And this method has as a fundamental centerpiece, the correct hierarchy of values according to the natural order of things and the proper education of human character in order to have the power to understand and specifically apply those values.

In a globalized world that passes through the torment of rebirth to a new identity; in an area of the West – European and American in particular – dropped into a fundamental crisis of values; in a time when resources are richer than any other time of humanity, but individual misfortune and collective anxieties have reached a glimpse of ever unimaginable, we need more than ever real solutions that we can only take through authentic teachers, test and validation laboratories of history, from mature and wise civilizations that have in themselves discovered the difference between the path that climbs to the bright peaks of good and the one that throws into the gaps of degradation individuals and commuities alike.

This is the aspiration of soul and honor of Andrew, from which he made the fundamental axis of his destiny in this world: to discover and offer solutions for our contemporary humanity, studying at the school of history with the great ancestral masters, taking from their teaching what is more valuable, then, like a true chef, cook from these ingredients personalized recipes adapted to healing the needs, strengthening of virtue, sustainable growth, value emancipation and harmonious development of modern societies.

The present work is dignified among the necessary tools for our world, as a first valuable product of the colleague, the researcher, the teacher Andrei Varga, who started on the path of becoming the master of human and community progress.



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