Alexandra Cotae

Alexandra Cotae

Alexandra Cotae

Social entrepreneur and researcher , Alexandra Cotae is the founder and manager of Multicultural Business Institute and has been undertaking research activity within Delphy Institute for Human and Community Development (, Multicultural Business Institute and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

As a social entrepreneur, between 2013-2019, she conceived 15 platforms of community, academic, educational and/or business programs, among which we mention:

  • Romanian Values – platform-program to promote youth’ contribution through programs/projects to the progress of society( );
  • Elites, Models and Values Academy – a free and open school-type of leadership platform destined to the re-education in value and virtue of the Romanian society (;
  • NGOs’ Academy – a platform for the realization of an educational structure for the professionalization of NGOs;
  • The media project for the acquisition of expertise, solutions of diplomatic, business and NGO experts on the importance of multiculturalism.

As president of Multicultural Business Institute, Alexandra became a founding member of

  • “Transylvania” Creative Industries Cluster (the first Romanian cluster in the field of creative industries – ( and of
  • “Popular Diplomacy for Peace” International Coordinating Council (initiated by the Association for International Cooperation from Russia and the Federation for the Peoples of Russia and the ones of the Commonwealth of Independent States).

She is also a member of Associazione Italo Rumena “Futura” (“Futura” Italian Romanian Association).

From the same position, she actively involved in

  • co-organizing NGOs’ Forum, 2016 edition, initiated by the Honorary Consulate of France in Cluj, Cluj Francophone Business Club, Dutch Business Club, British-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, “Babeș-Bolyai” University and Cluj-Napoca Municipality as well as in
  • organizing the round-table themed “NGO’s Academy” and
  • the exhibitions for the promotion of  “Romanian Values” platform-program.

As a researcher, since 2012, Alexandra has initiated five RDI programs, published 9 books with academic, professional and cultural status (of which 4 as unique author) as well as 7 scientific articles in the fields of history, intercultural and multicultural management, sustainable development/ circular economy, medical technologies management.

  1. Indian Business Vision (unique author volume, acreditat CNCSIS accreditation, Limes Publishing House, 2017,  Multiculturalism Series)
  2. Femeia în societatea românească din Transilvania: între cariera profesională și viața de familie ( eng. Woman in the Romanian society of Transylvania: between professional career and family life )  (unique author volume,  CNCSIS accreditation, Limes Publishing House, 2017, History. Civilizations. Traditions Series),
  3. Multiculturalism și globalizare în societatea contemporană (eng.Multiculturalism and globalization in the contemporary society) (unique author volume, CNCSIS accreditation, Limes Publishing House, 2019, Economy and Business Environment Series)
  4. Cultural Intelligence and other new perspectives in a multicultural world (co-author volume, Napoca Star Publishing House, 2020,  academically accredited,  Multiculturalism Series)
  5. Valori democratice în mediul de afaceri (eng. Democratic values in the business environment)(co-author volume, Ecou Transilvan Publishing House, 2019, academically accredited  in  Economy and Business Environment Series
  6. Instrumente și metode în modelarea imaginarului colectiv   (eng. Tools and methods in shaping collective imaginary)  (co-author volume,  Ecou Transilvan Publishing House, 2019, academically accredited, Human Development  – Anthropology Series)
  7. Mecanisme sociale implicate în dezvoltarea potențialului uman (eng. Social mechanisms involved in the development of human potential) (co-author volume, Napoca Star Publishing House, 2018, professionally accredited in Human Development – Psychology Series),
  8. Istorie și memorie multiculturală în an centenar la români (eng. Multicultural history and memory in centenary year at Romanians ) (unique author volume, Napoca Star Publishing House, 2019,  academically accredited, in Multiculturalism Series)
  9. Modele la școala vieții (eng. Models at the school of life) (co-author volume, Napoca Star Publishing House, 2018, culturally accredited in Human Development Series)

Regarding her academic background, Alexandra Cotae is currently a PhD candidate at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Management and Economic Engineering Department, Faculty of Machine Building. She previously graduated from  International Business Administration and Communication master’s program at the  Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, “Babeş-Bolyai” University  and holds a bachelor’s degree in  History at the  Faculty of History and Philosophy of the same university.

Developing a passion for multicultural and intercultural relations since her late high-school period, Alexandra has participated since 2010 in over 40 inter and multicultural events with business, diplomatic, academic, cultural and/or community profile, among which we mention: the celebration of the National Day of France in Cluj-Napoca, Open Innovation 2.0 international conference – 5th edition, International Scientific conference “140 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Romania: history and perspectives”, “Meet the African Ambassadors at Babeș-Bolyai University!”, “Romania and Poland in European context conference”, “Challenges of young leaders in a globalized market” conference. She also volunteered in organizing five of them, including:  NapoMUN (Cluj-Napoca Model United Nations) as member of the Executive Committee (2014),  Hoia Olympic Games – Festival of Traditional Games from Around the World, the Interwar Era Festival, Diwali-Eid party (organized by foreign medicine students), charitable Christmas concert Song for the World’s Children in Zalău city for poor children in India, “Innovation and Development of the Cluj business environment” conference.

Having an interest in the field of community development at local, national and international level, Ms.Cotae ensured the secretariat of Cluj-Napoca Local Civic Council  ( ) and  participated in 5 civic debates, with themes on community, international and intercultural issues: National Debate organized by European Parliament television, EuroParlTV, in the cycle of shows  „Let’s Talk”, on the subject  European Union Enlargement and the adherence of Turkey ;  Civic Debate within the Closing of the Project “Integration and Diversity in Education in Europe Conference”;  Civic debate within the project “The 3rd space of the active citizenship”; “Iran: history, culture, modernism” conference followed by a Question and Answer Session with His Excellency Hamid Moayyer, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In search of professional development opportunities, she experienced network marketing, business consultancy  for 1 year , 3 years of teaching training and practice, and attended  more than 20 meetings, workshops, seminars, trainings, courses, conferences of personal development, financial education, business, entrepreneurship, economy, marketing, sales techniques.






























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