Teodora-Diana Cornea

Teodora-Diana Cornea

Teodora-Diana Cornea

Teodora-Diana Cornea, the author of the present volume and the one who has the pleasure of meeting you now, dear reader, is a 26 year-old lady from Cluj, born on January 21, 1992 under the Aquarius zodiac sign on a beautiful day of Tuesday of a gentle winter, being the only child of Vasile and Maria.

”Nicolae Bălcescu” Theoretical High School from Cluj-Napoca was the home of the school years, starting with the first day of the 1st grade and culminating with the high school graduation festivity,  philology as specialization.

Then it followed the courses of the  Faculty of Law of the “Babeş-Bolyai University” of Cluj-Napoca, college years, stepping into this new stage of life with determination and desire for justice, but also with the illusion of the possibility of a change, dreaming of a career in advocacy, an abandoned dream during the years of study in favor of choosing a career in the profession of notary public, being closer to the civil side of law. July 2015 marks the end of the college years, continuing the study of law in the specialization of “Private Law Institutions” of the Master’s Program at the “Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, that year being a very important pillar in the scientific research activity, giving me the opportunity to be able to reveal my skills, ability, and how to approach the research.

Considering that the opinion of the author from the point of view of professionalism can be summarized by reading the contents of the book written by him and considering that the readers should perceive the author of a work not as a research fellow in the strict sense of the word, but as  any other person with passions, ideals,  independent dreams or at least not so dependent and not so closely related to the subject of the book. I will speak of the person Teodora-Diana Cornea. Teodora, in Greek means “The Gift of Godˮ, Diana, the goddess of hunting, forests, moon and light of the Roman mythology.

Equality, freedom and justice are some of the principles which are guiding my existence, but also the ambition and the desire to demonstrate that it can be made, in any circumstances, whatever the situation, is determining me to become a  perfectionist in what I do. Justice and truth are very important notions to me, the more when I have the necessary arguments to support them, always looking for an alternative to obtain justice and good, when it exists and even when their existence is not so visible. This is where the desire to study law has arisen, considering it a way to help others when they need it. I know that I can accomplish many of the tasks that appear, also from the desire for perfection and appreciation, a desire that has helped me become meticulous, careful about details and with a high self-control.

From life, I have learned that you have to reach your goal at any cost, even if this also causes small inconveniences. However, contrary to the old saying, the purpose does not excuse the means, even if each person has to put himself first, this does not mean that the others do not matter, they can only constitute obstacles to the achievement of the individual goal, but must be regarded as important people, since from every person who walks through every man’s life  it can be learnt  a lesson, good or bad, but useful. Life gave me such a lesson, causing me to try to find a balance between the serious mature man, and in those situations where the unpredictable, the impulsive, the curious, inner child shows up, resulting in a recipe for success.

Fond of beauty and beautiful landscapes, strolls on the hills or on the shores of a lake, the nature itself, always brought me inner peace, while the castles and visited fortresses have strengthened my thirst for justice. In the presence of pets, especially dogs, I feel relaxed, I love them, sometimes too much, and one of my dreams is to open a center for stray animals to care for those beings who love us without condition, but who, unfortunately, can not tell what kind of suffering they have.

The beauty of the soul causes me to bring unconditional help to the people around me, in order to give them the support and the certainty of the actual  fact. As a person, I often saw myself  on a stage , as a  successful actress in famous songs. Of passions I must remember dance and music, for which I would be tired from morning till night.

I called this presentation About the Author and Beyond the Author, since the personal desire is that the message of the two volumes published under the aegis of the Multicultural Business Institute (i.e. The Principle of the Opposibility of the Land Book and Conflicts of Temporal Laws in the Land Registry System in Romania) that mirror more the professional side – as a basis for the characterization from the point of view of the legal sciences – to outline the beginning of the portrait of the person behind the books, who is the human in those moments when he does not write, does not search, but lives his existence.



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